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"The Original Jeremiah Cartoon Book Collections"

Jeremiah Dating

Love and Dating!!!
In this book here’s almost everything you’ve ever wanted to know about love and dating … through the wacky adventures of a cartoon character named Jeremiah and his odd assortment of cohorts.
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Jeremiah School

Help! I Can't Get Up!!!
In this book Jeremiah’s back … to school, that is. He’s got a bad case of the term paper blues, but it’s still going to be a great year because the rest of the gang is here too … Matt, Penny, Luke, Trudy, and of course, everybody’s favorite teacher, Mr. Thornbush. Jeremiah’s not just a barrel of laughs, though. He’s serious about what it means to follow Jesus.
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Jeremiah Temptation

In this book being a teen can be tough. There’s a heavy load of temptation and peer pressure to be faced. But with help from the Lord … and a lot of laughs along the way … Jeremiah and his friends are ready for battle!
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Jeremiah Words

In this book join Jeremiah and friends in their latest adventures as they face the impact of the words they choose … the good, bad, and the ugly! “Oh be careful little mouth what you say …?"
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